Web Filtering for Schools

We can provide fully featured firewalls, cyber security, and web filtering for schools with our CyberTEL technology.

  • Firewall and Web Content Filtering for Schools
  • Built in Virus Blocker Protection
  • Inbound and Outbound Traffic Protection
  • Stop Spam before it hits your Server
  • VPN services for Secure Remote Connections
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Bandwidth Control – prioritise your internet traffic
  • Detailed network traffic reports directly to your email

And many more features…

firewall for schools
web filtering for schools

Web Filter

Virus Blocker

User Groups

Remote Access

NAT Translation

Email Alerts

Specialists in providing Web Filtering and Firewalls for Schools since 2005.

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    Our CyberTEL Firewall and Web Filtering for Schools provide the education sector with a fully manager cyber security solution to increase efficiencies and keep children happy.

    Here at Telephone Europe, we understand that the requirements for web filtering and firewalls for Schools and education facilities are not your average run of the mill installations. We appreciate that schools are normally under immense pressure to deliver a professional, reliable and secure service to their students and staff alike, that is why the choice of firewall system they choose is very important.

    firewall for schoolsWe are able to provide a bespoke and scalable CyberTEL cybersecurity solution to meet your exact requirements. All of the firewalls that we offer to our clients in the education sector have the ability to be able to utilise full encryption and can be managed by us for a complete easy to use set and forget system. All of our CyberTEL products are powered using the latest Webroot database with hourly updated to ensure students and staff are safe from new inappropriate and insecure websites.

    All of our managed CyberTEL firewall and web filtering solutions for schools include many other features that can be added or removed as required. These include built-in virus protection blocker, inbound and outbound traffic protection, spam email blocker, VPN services for secure remote connections, active directory and permission-based blocking, bandwidth control for prioritising internet traffic and detailed network reporting with alerts directly to your email address. A true all-in-one cybersecurity solution.

    web filtering for schoolsYou may also want to look to see how we are able to improve your school efficiencies and obtain a better ROI. As we are providing a managed service, this can eliminate unwanted required tasks that would normally require an IT technician thus saving the school money by reducing the amount of IT staff or freeing the workforce up to be utilised elsewhere. A whole host of other features are available that you may be interested in but this can be discussed further during a free consultation.

    We offer a no-obligation review meeting where we will go over your requirements and tell you about all of the features our other school clients are currently using to keep you in line with the latest technology. We will discuss the benefits of CyberTEL product line, as well as, the benefits of using a managed service. We’re that confident, that we’ll make you a promise that you’ll never look elsewhere for a Firewall and Web Filtering for Schools product again.

    Web Filtering and Firewalls for Schools

    We can supply reliable and encrypted web filtering and firewall protection backed by Webroot for your school. Our team is ready to help.


    Blocks insecure and unknown inbound traffic and allows outbound traffic. Fully configurable using rules.

    Intrusion Prevention

    Helps to prevent all known intrusion techniques including DNS attacks, PING attacks, Trojan horses and Malware.

    Phish Blocker

    Helps to prevent attacks on computers and network infrastructure by phishing attacks such as emails.

    Virus Blocker

    Block incoming virus attack traffic at the source before it even hits your network.

    Ad Blocker

    Fed up of all the pop-ups on websites and adware programs. Ad blocker eliminates them at the source.

    Spam Blocker

    Block unwanted email junk with the built in spam blocker.

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      Web Filter

      Filter websites by categories and individual pass/fail lists. Education approved database updated hourly using Webroot.

      Bandwidth Control

      Control the amount of bandwidth for different uses and users. I.e. prioritise VoIP over data and, teachers over students.

      WAN Balancer

      Poor broadband connection? Combine multiple broadband connections into one connection. Great for where FTTC isn’t available or a leased line is too expensive.

      WAN Failover

      Automatic broadband switch over to your backup service without the need for human input. Never be without a connection.


      Allow remote workers to login to the schools network with the same safety measures of being directly in the school. Also extremely useful for linking sites together as one network.

      Directory Connector

      Connect into your existing active directory and assign web filtering permissions based on user groups and certain individuals.

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