Virtual Phone System

A fully featured Virtual Telephone System for that professional image without the cost.

  • Fully Virtual Solution
  • Auto-Attendant Facility (Press 1 for Sales …)
  • No Phone Line Needed
  • Local & Nationwide Numbers Available
  • Call Recording
  • Music on Hold
  • Automatic Open & Close Times
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Redirect Calls
  • Never miss a Business Call Again!

from only
£10.00 p/m

virtual phone system

Call Recording

Music on Hold

Open & Close


Call Redirection

Email Alerts

Never miss a business call again with a virtual phone system.

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    Our Virtual Phone Systems offer businesses of all sizes a true virtual landlines & switchboard solution.

    Simply put, a virtual phone system is basically a hosted telephony or VoIP service as it’s commonly referred to, sitting in a UK data centre (or  in the cloud as you may know it). It’s the perfect option to take if you’re a Startup Business, Remote Worker, Sub-Contractor, Home Workers or in-fact, just about any size business.

    As this virtual phone system is effectively a full blown hosted solution without the cost, at any time when you would like to have an actual phone on the desk, we are able to configure & ship you a handset at the touch of a button. The flexibility of this solution is what makes it the perfect global solution to give the impression of a much larger business, as well as, giving you the tools to focus on your business, not miss any calls and improve your business productivity.

    Although you can use our virtual system with extension numbers & an app on your smartphone, the reality is that you don’t have to. Once setup we can just simply have the system diverted straight to your mobile telephone, a true set and forget solution. International numbers are also available to obtain that global company status.

    Virtual Phone System Features

    We can supply business quality calls diverted to a mobile or landline of your choosing. Our team is ready to help.

    Virtual Numbers

    We offer a large range of UK virtual phone numbers including Local/National Numbers, UK Wide 03 numbers, as well as, international numbers for every country.

    Call Recording

    Our call recording allows you to capture every detail of the conversation to be played back at a later stage. We can offer secure storage or have the recording sent to your email address.


    “Press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts…” Get a professional image with the ability to setup betwen 1 to 9 departments routing to the most appropriate person or voicemail box.

    Audio Branding

    Get that professional company sound with the ability to record your own auto-attendant options or have a professional voice over do this for you. Audio branding has the power to enhance your company & brand.

    Call Queing

    Fed up of missing calls with callers hearing the engaged tone? We will put your callers into a queue and transfer them as soon as the line is available. We can even announce the callers position in the queue.

    Open & Close Times

    Set open & close times to suit your lifestyle. Callers phoning outside normal hours will be informed your offices are closed & will have the option to leave a voicemail. We can even setup multiple timings for different days of the week.

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      Redirect Calls

      Working from home or on the move? It doesn’t matter anymore. We can redirect your virtual number to any mobile or landline number. We can even add multiple numbers if required.

      Call Screening

      Do you often wonder what your call is for when using your mobile for both personal & business use? Now you can identify a business call using a short message before the caller (i.e. “You have a business call”).

      Missed Call Alerts

      Missed a call? Don’t panic! We are able to give you access to call records to be able to identify the callers phone number. We can also give missed call alerts to your email address to call back when you are free.


      Callers are able to leave a voicemail if you aren’t able to answer the phone or after pressing a defined option.

      Voicemail to Email

      We can send all of your voicemails directly to your email address as an audio attachment, along with the number who called.

      Fax to Email

      With a hosted package you’re always mobile, you can call, video, voicemail, text & access your corporate directory.

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