School Lockdown Procedures

From a natural disaster to an attack, having a school lockdown procedure makes just as much sense as a fire alarm. The level of threat may be low, such as local air pollution to high, such as a hostile intruder. Its paramount schools are prepared and supported in developing a plan for a school lockdown.

School Lockdown Procedures

A school lockdown procedure needs the same level of importance as a school fire procedure.

There are three key factors to consider: speed, control and simplicity.

Speed: As with all emergency situations, the speed of communication is of utmost importance. All members of staff need to be advised what the lockdown situation is, level of threat and is either full lockdown or evacuation. This includes staff and students outside of the classroom, before or after school. Raising the alarm with the authorities is second to making everyone safe. Being able to provide as much information about the situation to the authorities ensures the right type of help will be dispatched.

Control: The best way to control a lockdown of any threat level is clear and concise communication. It’s human nature to forget your training, especially in stressful situations. Whilst nominating wardens to manage and coordinate the situation, every teacher will be in charge of a number of children and getting them to safety.

Simplicity: Lockdown procedures need to be kept as simple as possible and ready for different times of the day. Safe areas need to be identified to provide shelter if anyone is outside staff should be able to go to the nearest inside facility. Guiding and accounting for students will ultimately be the responsibility of each individual teacher, therefore training and regular practice should be incorporated as often as fire alarm drills are practiced.

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Telephone Paging during Lockdown

A paging announcement system through telephone handsets may not seem an obvious choice, but its simplicity is one of its biggest benefits.

Being able to communicate quickly, efficiently and inconspicuously under hostile, stressful conditions. A telephone paging facility can communicate between different rooms, as well as raise the alarm to authorities during an emergency situation.

Messages can be pre-recorded and then activated quickly and easily during the emergency situation to inform the relevant authorities of the situation or share instructions to teachers across different departments of the school. This could prove vital even for staff that have been fully trained, as its human nature to forget procedures under extreme pressure or threatening situations.

The alarm can be raised from any handset and has the facility to connect remotely via a mobile phone to establish communication between staff and pupils inside the school. It will also bypass complications posed by mainstream communications infrastructure, like loss of signal, which can prove hugely beneficial during a major disaster or emergency situation.

Instant and Reliable Communication when you need it most!

All of our telephone systems feature an advanced paging facility as standard, giving you instant and reliable communication channels when you need it most. This in-built feature reduces the need to purchase expensive additional stand-alone paging systems and effectively allows you to communicate for free. We can even hook-up this facility to existing speakers around the premises

Telephone paging facilities have a proven record for their reliability, safety, and resilience, (they still remain the number 1 choice for the UK emergency situations) which is why they make a perfect choice for any UK school, university or college looking to bolster their disaster and emergency strategy.

You can read more about the benefits and features of telephone paging as school lockdown equipment

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