Many schools have been found to be using their fire bell as a lockdown procedure, however your school shouldn’t be doing this. Through your current phone system we can introduce a simple, secure and reliable school lockdown procedure, meaning you don’t need to use your fire bell.


  • Integrates into your current phone system
  • Signals a clear message to students and staff
  • Quickly and discreetly communicates the situation
  • Alerts staff, students, and the local authorities
  • Integrated through speakers, LED lights, digital screens, and many more…

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Alert Instantly

Communicate Quickly

Reduce Confusion

Stay Safe

Using your current phone system, we can easily integrate a lockdown procedure to keep your school safe.

“Telephone Europe solved our emergency lockdown procedures by incorporating our school telephone system with integrated paging on each handset. They also innovatively came up with a solution to link this into emergency flashlights with different colours depending on the situation in hand. Perfect for our hard of hearing children.”

-Jacqui Smith – Longwill School for the Deaf

A School Lockdown Procedure Needs the Same Level of Importance as a Fire Procedure

Are you interested in integrating lockdown into your phone system?

    Considering getting a lockdown system installed into your school? Here’s why you should…

    School lockdown

    Deliver a Simple Message to Staff and Students

    A school lockdown procedure needs the same level of importance as a school fire procedure, however there should be a clear differentiation between these two procedures. If your school is currently using your fire bell as a lockdown announcement, a very confusing message is spread to both staff and students as the signal of a fire bell implies exiting the premises, whereas a lockdown means the opposite.
    To stress the significance of this, using a fire bell for a lockdown directly goes against current government guidance from NaCTSO, stating that they ‘should be avoided to reduce an incorrect response to an incident’, there are also further legislations being put into place to prevent the usage of this.

    Instant Communication When You Need It

    If you are using your fire bell for lockdown, to set off the alarm someone would need to press the trigger which could be located in an office or out of reach. Our lockdown systems can be triggered from any phone or mobile, meaning the procedure can be announced immediately, saving precious time.
    Using our lockdown systems will also bypass complications posed by mainstream communications infrastructure, like loss of signal, which can prove hugely beneficial during a major disaster or emergency situation.

    Lockdown Telephone System
    Lockdown Speaker Installation

    Quickly and Discreetly Communicate

    Using your phone system as school lockdown equipment, you can quickly and discreetly communicate any situation. Via pre-recorded messages you can alert all staff and students, inform the authorities, and quickly get all staff and students safe.
    The alarm can be raised from any handset and has the facility to connect remotely via a mobile phone to establish communication between staff and pupils inside the school. Your telephone paging system can also connect to more than just phones. There is a wide range of warning devices available including LED lights, speakers and digital screens.

    Use It For More Than Just Lockdown

    In addition to providing an effective lockdown procedure, you can also use the tannoy system to spread any desired messages throughout the school. These can be scheduled and pre recorded messages each day, or even purely just triggered when necessary with a push of a button.
    A number of schools have also used their lockdown systems to spread their COVID messages, including reminding students to wear their face masks in corridors, sanitisation of hands, as well as adhering to social distancing measures.

    Lockdown speaker
    cut the costs with renting options

    Cut The Costs

    With school budgets generally running from April to March, your school might not have the financial capacity to explore this option just yet, however we can lease you the equipment which will save you from the initial capital outlay and make it an affordable option for your school.
    As your school already has our telephone systems in place, installing lockdown is now much more affordable as you will purely be purchasing add on equipment. We will also provide full training to all staff, ensuring the are confident to use this feature when our engineers leave the site.


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