School Lockdown Equipment

Be Prepared • Act Fast • Communicate

Using your phone system as school lockdown equipment, you can quickly and discreetly communicate any situation. Via pre-recorded messages you can alert all staff and students, inform the authorities and quickly get all staff and students safe.

Telephone paging is fast, provides clear communication and is easy to use.

pre-recorded messages to correctly advise the situation

quickly active lockdown from any phone

multiple buildings, mobile devices & loud speakers

authorities alerted immediately

Dynamic Lockdown Equipment

Due to multiple reasons to trigger a lockdown, being clear about the type of threat can help schools ensure the safety of staff and students:

  • Local community incident or disturbance
  • Intruder on site or in the vicinity
  • Major fire or air pollution
  • Dangerous animal in the grounds

Any reason to activate lockdown can be unique. By having a dynamic lockdown procedure with pre-recorded alerts will keep staff and students correctly informed and the right protocol implemented.

It’s human nature to forget emergency procedures under pressure. Deciphering lights or alarms can be confusing. Pre-recorded messages with precise instructions are proven to be the most effective way to communicate.

  • Between lessons
  • Before school
  • After school clubs
  • Playing fields

When students are scattered outside of the classroom, it is important to broadcast your message effectively and quickly to make everyone safe. With the phone system connected to your existing public address (PA) speakers, those without communication devices can be reached. Your paging system can be configured to use speakers at specific times of the day.

Remote access to the system is just as important. Our systems can be accessed remotely via a mobile phone. Activating emergency procedures from the playing fields, before school starts or from home.

Pre-recorded messages to the emergency services will also save valuable time. Accurate information about the situation will get the right type of help when you need it most.

Connected Devices

Your telephone paging system can connect to more than just phones. There is a wide range of warning devices available from lights to digital signage.

Business Telephone Systems for Solicitors

IP Phones

Connected every classroom with an IP phone. Activate and receive vital communications about the lockdown.

School Lockdown Equipment - Mobile Phone

Mobile Phones

Mobile devices with software installed can remotely access your Lockdown System

School Lockdown Equipment - IP Speakers

IP Speakers

Audio warning via IP speakers



Allowing you to keep eyes on the situation at all times as well as communicate with two way audio.

Strobe Lights

For the hearing impaired and outside areas, a visual warning that lockdown has been activated.

School Lockdown Equipment - Strobe Light
School Lockdown Equipment - digital signage

Digital Signage

Providing visible messages and voice warnings for large areas swimming pools & gymnasiums.


  • The fastest way to Alert Authorities
    As soon as lockdown is triggered, a pre-recorded message alert the authorities. This ensures the right type of help is dispatched for any situation.
  • Remote access
    Being able to trigger Lockdown remotely can save valuable time.
  • Communicating between rooms
    During a lockdown, it is essential that staff and students are kept informed. Being connected to the people in charge will calm the situation
  • Zone Paging
    During some incidents, you may need to evacuate, or lockdown, selected parts of the school. By paging different messages to each zone, clear instructions on how to best act can be sent quickly.

What else can a phone system do?

Phone Calls

IP phone system can make calls, a lot cheaper using VoIP than traditional BT services. You can have multiple phone numbers to better manage incoming calls and auto attendant to direct calls. Our phone systems provice free calls to 01, 02, 03 and UK mobile numbers starting 07. Find out more about our phone systems

School closures

In the event of bad weather, a pre-recorded message can be activated to inform callers that the school is closed.


Connecting IP Cameras to your telephone system is straight forward. And using PoE (Power over Ethernet) no additional electrical wiring will be required to install. With a range of tamper-proof internal and external cameras, your school can be fully monitored. This can be a further aid to the authorities with remote connection.

Why Telephone Europe?

We spend quality time understanding your requirements, designing a bespoke solution creating connections where they are needed most.

We have successfully installed School Lockdown Systems across Birmingham where most of our business relationships have been build through recommendation.

We offer full support and maintenance, both on-site and off-site from our own team of qualified engineers

Comprehensive hardware warranty and fast response times to ensure the smooth running of your system

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