Ramsden Primary School Case Study

How Telephone Europe worked with Ramsden Primary School to improve their safety, communications and efficiency.

Ramsden Primary School, Worksop

Enabling Ramsden Primary School To Improve Their Safety, Communications And Efficiency.

How Telephone Europe worked with Ramsden Primary School to improve their safety, communications and efficiency with a fully featured telephony, lockdown and CCTV integrated system.

The Objectives.

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Widen the school’s capabilities and enhance efficiencies.

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Implement bespoke solutions to improve staff, student and school safety.

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Enhance internal and external communications throughout the school.

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Reduce costs for the school whilst introducing new features.

The Client.

Ramsden School is a well established primary school located in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. They have served the local community for over 180 years and are highly recommended within the area for their engaging curriculum and community values.

The Situation.

Ramsden School were looking for a futureproof VoIP Telephone system to replace their outdated analogue lines ahead of the BT switch off.

Additionally, they also wanted to look into the possibility of integrating speakers into this system. This would allow them to broadcast general messages throughout the school, as well as having the ability to use it to protect the school from an intruder or emergency situation if necessary.

Unfortunately the school had also been victim to a series of break ins and based on previous quotes from other suppliers, they couldn’t afford CCTV. They consequently had fake cameras around the school as a deterrent which the Telephone Europe rep noticed during the site survey.

Due to the time needed on site to install speakers, it wasn’t a massive price increase to also quote for installing and integrating CCTV cameras into the lockdown system simultaneously.

The Results.

After many conversations and a site visit, the Telephone Europe team drew up a fully integrated telephony and lockdown solution, combining speakers and cameras.

This futureproof system was then implemented and installed throughout the school and training was provided to ensure staff were confident using their new system.

Their upgraded VoIP system not only reduced costs in comparison to their outdated analogue system, but enabled their capabilities to be widened with features such as Voicemail, Call Recording, and even Mobile Integration which now allows staff to work from home effectively.

The bespoke Lockdown System with CCTV and Speakers includes cameras with a two way audio, meaning the SLT can not only see areas of the school, but converse with any individuals in the area too. This supports their intruder lockdown procedure if a specific message needed to be sent to only one area.

Ramsden Primary School

I would like to say a big thank you to Telephone Europe for the excellent service they have provided. To be honest I was apprehensive about such a big project being undertaken and the impact it would have if things went wrong.

How wrong could I have been, the Engineers worked with us and were more than understanding and arranged to complete the majority of the work over the weekend to minimise disruption to the school.

We had to have two visits when the children were in school and the Engineers who attended seemed more like our own staff than outsiders and they managed to complete the work required with no problem what so ever.

I had to contact Kieran during the school holidays as the local police wanted to view our CCTV footage he managed to obtain the information the Police needed which seemed no problem to him at all.

I would highly recommend Telephone Europe, they are courteous, understanding and give an excellent customer care service. Please pass on my thanks to all concerned.

CATHERINE GARRETT, School Business Manager

Enquire Today.

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    Strategically, we needed to prepare for the big BT switch off and Institute of School Business Leadership approved supplier Telephone Europe ticked all boxes.

    They promptly came out and gave us a very reasonable quote which enabled us not only to expand our current telephone network, but also provide a comprehensive lockdown system with CCTV and Speakers.

    Our new system can also route the school number to an app on our mobiles whilst working from home and we can also check our CCTV cameras via an app. We will now not only save money with internet calls but also time with all voicemail messages being emailed.

    I am so pleased we chose Telephone Europe, their advice was spot on and we now have a futureproof system in place to give us the assurances we needed to keep our children safe.

    Thank you to all the team at Telephone Europe – you have made our school a safer place.

    SHIRLEY GASCOYNE, School Accountant

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