working from home


With employees being urged to work from home as a result of the pandemic, many of our team have made the switch to working from home. We’ve asked members of staff to reflect on the past few weeks and months working from home, identifying how the transition to home-based working has impacted their role and daily interaction, as well as any tips or tricks they might have to remain productive.

Working from home - Alex

Mobile and Connectivity Specialist

Initially the transition was a change of scenery, especially working for a new company. I have however adapted quickly to a new routine made easier by the support received from the business.

I find that having the split from working from home and the office dynamic benefits my work. Luckily, the business has provided me with all the tools to continue my job remotely just by turning my laptop on. I think Teams is a great tool, not only for communicating but also for planning and scheduling my time to remain productive, we can catch up at any point via a call or video chat. The business also has a WhatsApp group where colleagues regularly are in contact with each other.

Best thing? No traffic jams!

Worst thing? Missing the office energy!


I’ve found the transition to working from home quite straight forward. Not having to travel to and from the office allows me time to walk my kids to school and get home earlier. Life is definitely less of a rush!!

As I have my office set up at home just as I would in the office, I don’t find it difficult to stay focused and I can easily remain productive.

The use of Microsoft Teams allows us to communicate effectively with colleagues, and although it is not always as good as that face to face interaction, it’s a great tool to have when needing to hold meetings or even just to ask questions.

Best thing? Avoiding the morning rush!

Worst thing? Face to face interaction with colleagues

Working from home - stacey

Management Accountant

Brooke - working from home

Marketing Assistant

I only started my role within Telephone Europe a few months ago, so due to the current climate, I haven’t been able to spend as much time in the office as first hoped. However, working from home has been completely seamless, with marketing being a well suited role as it’s online based. With marketing focusing around creating online content, working from home is as efficient as working from inside the office.

I miss having daily interaction with my colleagues as well as working within a highly collaborative environment, however Microsoft Teams is a great tool to remain connected. The best way I’ve found to remain productive within my role is to stay in a regular routine as I would if I were going into the office. By setting regular hours and sticking to a schedule, it’s easy for me to get all my work done for the day, and then separate work life from home life when my hours are over

Best thing? flexibility, it’s easy for me to work from home at my home, and university address.

Worst thing? Not being able to meet all my colleagues and complete initiations.


Being quite new to Telephone Europe, working from home has felt a little strange as it does make it harder to build relationships with your colleagues that you grow from being with them each day. However, we live in a world full of technology that allows us to all stay in contact all the time. We have a WhatsApp group, Microsoft Teams, emails and the phone. All of which get used extensively here at TE.

My home office is my garage at the end of my garden so I am in the habit of getting up, getting ready, making a cuppa and off to work I go. I have the same access to everything at home as I do when I am in the office and so staying productive isn’t an issue. I do find that I tend to get up and walk around the garage to not only get my steps up each day but to give me that quick break from the laptop screen and phone.

Best thing? I get to keep my slippers on and I tend to get more done earlier in the day.

Worst thing? – Missing the day to day office banter and being around your team mates.

Nickie - working from home

Senior Account Manager

Tiara - working from home

Sales Executive

I found the transition seamless – everything I need, work has been able to supply it. It’s nice to know that my role has flexibility of working in and out of the office. It hasn’t affected my role as such as I am still able to complete my job efficiently, if anything it has made me more confident in speaking to new potential customers.

To remain focused and productive I ensure that I take my mini breaks as I would in the office whether that’s to go to the toilet, make myself a drink or just to stretch. My main thing I do, is stay hydrated!

If anything communication has been slightly better when WFH when communicating with colleagues as I can always refer back to messages that have been sent as opposed to trying to remember what has been said.

Best thing? Demonstrates how flexible my role is and that it is still possible to keep a line of communication.

Worst thing? Loss of face-to-face human interaction