Virtual teaching


Make sure your school is prepared to continue teaching with virtual teaching methods if your school is forced to close

Student’s and pupils across the UK have now returned to school, although this academic year is now facing many unprecedented changes. With Coronavirus cases across the country slowly rising, there are fears the increased contact will lead to further outbreaks. Although the government’s priority is to keep school’s open, there is no reason to remain unprepared in the event of further closures from a second lockdown or an outbreak within a school. Just in case of this scenario, it is vital for school’s to have a virtual teaching plan in place to keep structure and normality to teaching, without further disruptions.

We can help to ensure your school is kept safe and connected during these unpredictable times with the integration of Microsoft Teams. This brings a powerful solution to your school’s internal and external communications, no matter where you are. The integration of Microsoft Teams to your telephone system allows you to support all the collaboration features including video, chat, presence and screen sharing, but also allows you to keep your existing handsets and all the features you rely on.

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Collaborate from home

In teams you are able to access, share and edit Word documents, PowerPoint and Excel files in real time and from anywhere, helping staff share resources with each other or with pupils. This enables conversations between staff to take place without needing to be face to face.

Keep your phone system

Through integrating Microsoft teams into your telephone system, you will keep your existing handsets and all the features you rely on, as well as using your existing phone numbers without needing to port them. This makes Microsoft Teams an easily integrated solution.

Communicate effectively

Everything is brought together in a shared workspace which allows you to make and receive calls, chat, meet and share files, enabling you to teach effectively through this platform. You will also be able share your screen and have students share theirs, making teaching easier.

Hold virtual classes

With Microsoft Teams you will be able to converse in one-to-one messages as well as group chats. With a touch of a button you can instantly go from group chat to a video conference. This means your whole class can all meet in one place and learn virtually.


If you’re interested in integrating Microsoft Teams into your telephone system and getting prepared for if virtual teaching is to occur, then get in touch 

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