Working from home


As more and more companies continue to implement work-from-home policies due to the spread of Coronavirus, people around the world are needing to adjust to these new ways of working. Although advances in technology such as accessible broadband, smartphones and cloud computing have made working from home increasingly achievable for a number of industries, feelings of unfamiliarity, stress and anxiety may also come along with this change.

That’s why we have come up with four simple tips to increase productivity whilst working from home. 

Working from home


Although it may seem easy to sit in bed or on the sofa with your laptop all day, It’s much better to set yourself up at a desk or even a dining room table where distractions are minimal. By sitting at a chair rather than slouched on the sofa, you will have more support and it will ensure that you will be able to maintain good posture throughout the day.

Additionally, at the start of your working day we’ve found that it helps to set up your workspace with all the equipment you’ll need for the day – handsets, notebooks, pens, charger etc. This allows you to replicate your office at work to your temporary home office, as well as meaning you are able to leave this area at the end of the day, helping you to distinguish the boundaries between when you’re working and when you’re not.


To help establish a work and personal life balance, you would benefit from following your typical routine. Go to sleep and wake up and your usual time, and get changed into some normal clothes to make you feel like you’re actually in work.

It will also be beneficial to maintain the same hours you would be doing if you were at work, this enables you to break off from work easier when your work day is over.

routine working from home
Work from home break


You’d get up and make yourself a coffee and have a chat with your colleagues whilst at work, so don’t feel bad for doing that whilst at home!

Although working from home makes us feel that we need to be available and online at all times, you must make time for regular breaks. Try to take a lunch break as well as other short breaks away from your screen throughout the day, and even leave your workspace for a short time to get a change in scenery.


Working from home can be a very lonely process, that’s why you need to ensure you are still obtaining regular human interaction throughout the day. No doubt you will still be sending numerous emails to your colleagues throughout the day, however why not plan video calls or simply pick up the phone instead on emailing? This will make your days feel a little more ‘normal’, whist boosting your mood!

Additionally, by downloading an app on your smartphone you can get your office calls diverted straight to you at home, meaning you will always stay connected! To top it off, when dialing out it is the office number which shows rather than your personal one, meaning your personal number remains private!

Video chat work from home

We hope these four tips will help you increase your productivity when working from home in these uncertain times, but also, remember to be easy on yourself and not put yourself down for being less productive than if you were in the office!