Why Telephone Paging Systems Are Vital To Your School

Streamline Your School Lockdown Procedure With A Telephone Paging System

Across the pond here in the UK we are less likely to fall victim to the kind of horrific and deadly shooting attacks seen by the US in recent years, but our schools, colleges and workplaces are by no means immune to threat. Mass shootings, terrorist attacks and natural disasters – no matter how unlikely – are emergency scenarios that must be taken seriously and require preparation.

Telephone Paging Systems Quick & Effective
Many training courses teach the ‘run – hide – tell’ principle; explain procedures for full and partial lockdown of buildings; and advise on ways to deal with natural disasters involving water and electricity. Having clear and effective processes to tackle these kinds of eventualities is, of course, imperative for all educational and other vulnerable environments. But institutions must also ensure that their communication systems are ready to cope, and able to assist, if disaster strikes.

How A Telephone Paging System Could Work For You

A well-configured telephone paging system is a vital component of any school lockdown procedure and can be utilised in more ways than one to aid communication, reduce human error, act as a procedural reminder and potentially even deter individuals from carrying out or continuing an attack.

In the case of an emergency an alarm can be raised by staff (or students) easily from any telephone within the system, which can trigger an automatic tannoy message to all other connected devices.

With one simple action every room in a school building can be notified of a potential threat, saving precious time and simplifying what could be a complicated task. The message could be details of the current circumstances or a pre-recorded reminder of the rehearsed protocol (which can be very welcome in high-stress situations).

If there was not imminent danger, however, and the Head instead wanted to warn just the staff – and not the students – of a potential situation, an automatic email / text message / computer pop-up could be configured to allow speedy but selective circulation.

Telephone Paging System Alerting The Authorities

Automated or recorded messages can also be used on paging systems in order to communicate with the ‘outside world’ if in a risky or unsafe environment. Relieving the informant of having to stay by the phone to connect with and speak to the relevant authorities / emergency services.

Recipients can be selected via the telephone, and then the telephone can be left to play the automated, or recorded message when the line is answered, allowing whoever raised the alarm to go to a safe place while knowing the communication to the authorities is unaffected.

Telephone Paging Systems Can Run On Remote Power Sources

In cases of natural disaster (or especially devious perpetrators) which disrupt or completely block the primary power source, telephone paging systems can continue to run on remote power sources giving a second lifeline, and peace of mind, to all those who are responsible for the lockdown procedure.

No one wishes to imagine an attack of any nature on their schools and institutions, but preparation really is the key to minimising risk, increasing confidence and – most crucially – keeping students and staff safe. So, for your own and others’ safety: attend the training courses, run practice drills and install a telephone paging system.

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