Remote working solutions


Reliable, easy and manageable remote working solutions to enhance communications and improve work efficiency.

With remote working continuing to be implemented in a number of sectors, it is essential to stay connected to both internal and external sources, regardless of where you or they are. Our VoIP systems offer secure and reliable solutions which make working remotely as easy as possible, increasing your businesses efficiency.

Our solutions enable your team to communicate effectively, flexibly and promptly, whilst also enabling extra benefits such as instant collaboration and virtual conferences. Through this, you are able to stay connected to both colleagues and clients, whether you’re in the office, at home or even on the go.

1: Introduce handsets into your home

If you’re working from home, we are able to send you over a handset that is directly connected to your current phone system, allowing you to have full access to your handset from your home and replicating your office environment.

Benefits of introducing handsets into your home…

• Make and receive calls from your office line
• Replicate your office environment
• Record and replay calls
• Play music & messages on hold
• Call queuing, logging and reporting
• & many more

2: Mobile integration and divert

To enable you to stay connected to your office line wherever you are, we are able to integrate your telephone system into your mobile device through our app. This means you can make and receive office calls from your personal mobile phone, whilst continuing to reap all the benefits of your handset.

Through our mobile integration, you will be able to:

• Make and receive calls from your office line wherever you are
• Keep your personal number private (the offices number will show when dialing out)
• Place calls on hold and transfer calls to another extension number, just like you can on your handset
• Connect the call activity to your office’s billing account, meaning you won’t be charged by your personal provider

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3: Microsoft Teams integration

Working remotely is now a very familiar thing for a number of us, however we shouldn’t let this affect how we stay connected with our colleagues and customers. Therefore, by integrating Microsoft Teams into your phone system you are able to chat, meet, call and collaborate with your contacts, regardless of your location. This brings a powerful solution to your internal and external communications whilst working remotely, but also when you’re in the office.

Transform how you communicate with Microsoft Teams

• Keep your phone system and all the features you rely on
• Keep your existing phone numbers
• Communicate effectively with the shared workspace, allowing you to make and receive calls, chat, meet and share files.
• Install Microsoft Teams onto your PC, Mac or mobile device and work from anywhere
• Converse in one-to-one messages or group chats wherever you are
• Collaborate from anywhere by sharing Word documents, PowerPoint and Excel files in real time
• Meet from anywhere and hold conferences with duel and group video chat

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Kristina Parfrey - St. Stephen's Junior School
Working from home has been so much easier with the phone system in place, I have my extension number on divert so that any calls coming into the office can still be put straight through to me as if I were in my office at work and have an app on my phone so any calls I need to make display the school number when dialing out and not my personal number.




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