Proud sponsors


We are delighted to announce that we are now proud sponsors of 10 regional SBM forum groups, as well as being an ISBL approved partner.


Through specialising in providing our services to the education sector for over 15 years, and subsequently acquiring over 1000 schools as clients, we are committed to building relationships with school business professionals and helping them to improve their school’s efficiency. From sponsoring these forum groups, we now have even more opportunity to do this, and we can’t wait to build further relationships with an increased number of school business professionals.

Prior to this summer, we were proud to be one of the approved telecommunication companies within five business manager groups; BASBM, WASBM, SYSBL, SGSBL and M&TSBL. However, over the summer months we decided to expand our network and we have now signed up to be sponsors of an additional five groups; DASBM, HEYSBL, SEBA, Solihull SBM & Berkshire SBM. We are looking forward to working with all ten forum groups to enhance their communications and add value to their schools.


Through our time sponsoring these regional groups, we have treated them to exclusive offers, as well as letting them take part in competitions where they can win prizes for themselves and their schools. These competitions include prizes such as hampers, gift cards, and even a sponsored sports kit which HanHam Primary Federation were the lucky winners of. We also have an even bigger competition coming up which gives 5 schools the opportunity to win £1000 each to spend on a school project of their choice!

If you are a member of a regional group that we currently don’t sponsor, please get in touch. We will put our efforts into being an approved sponsor for your group, and helping your schools save money through our services, sponsorships, offers, competitions and donations.