Nathan Anton


We are delighted to welcome Nathan Anton into the Telephone Europe family as a Business Development Manager. With Nathan’s positive attitude, fresh ideas and methodical approach, we are sure he will make a positive impact on the company and contribute to many accomplishments. Want to find out more about Nathan? Read our short interview below.

Nathan Anton

Business Development Manager

Can you give us an insight into your previous experience and your new role at Telephone Europe?

I will be working as a sales executive, working closely with schools, business’ and customers to provide them the newest technology and most cost effective solutions. I have been working within the telecommunication sector for a large proportion of my career, so my skills and experience are greatly suited towards a role within Telephone Europe.

How have you found your first week at Telephone Europe?

My first week at Telephone Europe has been great, I’ve only had the opportunity to meet a few members of the team due to the current restrictions, but everyone has been very welcoming and friendly. Working from home has been a smooth transition, with my home office already in place, I’ve also received all the equipment I need to get me in my feet. The only real challenge has been getting back into a working routine, but this will definitely get easier as time goes on.

What are you most looking forward to in your role?

I’m most looking forward to getting the ball rolling, for me, this role is more about finding the right solution for our customers rather than focusing on the product or the price. My question is always ‘what can we solve for them?’ and from there I can provide our client with a tailored solution to fit their needs. My future goal within Telephone Europe is to build upon the already growing momentum to fully maximize growth.

What have you been up to over lockdown?

After being made redundant in March, the pandemic has meant securing a job hasn’t been easy. Over summer I spent my time in property development, although I enjoyed it, it isn’t where my true expertise lie. When I was approached by Telephone Europe’s Director David following a LinkedIn post, I definitely felt like my skills and experience could be utilised well within the company.

Welcome to Telephone Europe Nathan, we are delighted to have you join the team, now bring on your initiation!