Mental health awareness

MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS – Supporting Your Wellbeing

With October being Mental Health Awareness Month, we wanted to come together and share some tips on the little things our clients and colleagues do to help improve their mental health

Over the past few months, it’s become apparent that the pandemic has had a huge effect on mental health. This includes our school business managers and school staff who have seen increased accountability, a challenging workload and an immense level of pressure. With schools remaining open throughout the pandemic, workloads were heightened and staff had to adapt to the changing environment, whilst ensuring students remained as unaffected and undisrupted as possible. This had a massive negative effect on their mental wellbeing.

We recently read an article from The Key stating that nearly half of SBM’s surveyed reported that their work had a negative/ very negative impact on their mental wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic, with only 10% saying it had been positive, a very worrying statistic.

To end Mental Health month and show our support for not only our school leaders, but all of our connections, we’ve decided to share some tips and tricks on the ways in which you can alleviate the current pressures, and improve day to day wellbeing by making it a focal priority.

The Mind campaign focuses on how you can ‘do one thing’ to improve your mental wellbeing, which is why over the past few weeks we’ve asked around for people to share their tips with us regarding how they support their mental health and wellbeing. We are pleased to share their responses today with the hope it can help those out there currently struggling, as doing that one thing can be the step needed towards making a positive change.

Putting your phone down

‘”I like to make sure I take some time to switch off from my phone and spend quality time with my friends and family”.

Going on daily walks

“Going on daily walks has really helped improve my mental health and distract me, especially during lockdown as I used it as an escape”.

Staying physically active

“Remaining physically active, either by going to the gym or just taking the dog out for a walk. I even joined a bootcamp over the summer which massively helped, exercising with others is very motivating and a great way to de-stress.”

Staying connected

“One thing I like I do to improve my mental health during these less sociable times is make the most of technology to stay in regular contact with friends, family and colleagues, it’s so important to not isolate yourself with the current restrictions in place”.

Focusing on yourself

“Taking time out of my day to do something for me, even when I have a heavy work load I like to take out least a few hours out to focus on myself and separate work from home life.”

Talking to friends

“Talking to my friends about how I feel, it’s very easy to think you’re the only person struggling, but more often than not, many people are feeling the same, it’s been easier to work together than alone.”

Running yourself a bath

“A nice relaxing bubble bath works a treat, it allows me to unwind and collect my thoughts.”

Cooking and baking

“I’ve found cooking and baking to be very therapeutic and gives me something to focus on.”

In addition to this, we think one of the most important ways to improve wellbeing is by seeking support within the community. There is always the option to reach out to other SBMs who are facing the same difficulties online, but also your own colleagues. You should never feel like you can’t ask for help if your working environment is promoting an unhealthy work/life balance, and leading to great deal of stress.


We hope these tips can help you get through these tough times, and aid in supporting your mental wellbeing.

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