Make Telecommunication Resilience Part Of Your Business Strategy

What Is Telecommunications Resilience?

Resilience – the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties – is becoming more and more important in every aspect of our lives, from a personal, family level through to international relations. No more are we closing our eyes and hoping for the best. We are now, more than ever, facing difficult situations head-on. Encountering problems is no longer seen as a failure; the ability to overcome them is instead seen as a triumph. We are also in an age of fervent forecasting and ever-increasing expectations. And we do not view our telecommunication systems any differently.

KX-HDV230Telecommunication resilience is paramount to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Quick and effective communication is key in success, no matter what the industry or how big or small the employee headcount. If one line is out of service businesses need to be sure that the rest of the telecom system is performing as it should, ensuring no, or the minimal, detrimental effects are incurred.

How Can Hosted Telephone Services Help Telecommunication Resilience?

Hosted telephone services give businesses and users confidence in their everyday performance, added benefits they can offer, and their communication resilience when it comes to glitches and downtime.  These can result from a whole host of causes from technical mishaps to natural disasters.

As hosted telephone systems are cloud based, they are essentially not tied down to any physical infrastructure, and thus are not adversely affected by any damage to any such facilities.

Personal Account ManagerThis benefit of hosted telephony is also applicable to drastic disasters which may impede an office location entirely. Again, with simply an access to the internet, calls can be redirected to any location and device – worldwide – within a few minutes, which can be an indispensable feature for large corporations, and a welcome safety net for smaller businesses with communication at their core. If, in an extreme example, all telephone handsets in an office were suddenly to stop working, a business utilising hosted telecoms would be able to get straight back on the phone with simply an internet connection. The affected devices would not impede the ability to communicate, and so the business could continue to function with minimal disruption.

The centralised platform characteristic of this cloud-based telephony additionally allows micro-management of the whole communication systems, which can be crucial in times of risk. Accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, this feature allows for greater control by business directors and management, and can be used as a quick and efficient tool to reduce risk, overcome problems and ensure consistency of communications.

Make Telecommunication Resilience Part Of Your Strategy

If communication forms any part of your business, telecommunication resilience will no doubt be an important part of your business continuity plan. Ensure that your business stays resilient by moving to a hosted telephone system, and let the system do the hard work if disaster strikes.

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