hhho stand by you challenge
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We have been proud sponsors of the Help Harry Help Others organisation for an extended period of time. Therefore, we understand how the charity helps to support a vital cause, and we love to do our part and support where we can. This is why we have decided to sponsor Georgie Moseley on her #HHHOSTANDBYYOUCHALLENGE.

Help Harry Help Others understand how a diagnosis of cancer can impact all areas of everyday life. Endless hospital appointments, hospital stays, disrupted routines, and the huge financial implications inflicted – especially for homeowners, and those having to leave employment due to their own illness or through becoming a carer for a loved one. All of that is without the emotional stress of such a journey. That is why HHHO is structured so that they can offer every inch of practical support right in the heart of the community.

hhho stand by you challenge

Most recently, Georgie Moseley, the charity’s founder and Harry’s mum, has created a new annual challenge- #HHHOStandByYouChallenge. The amazing Harry Moseley, the creator of HHHO, passed away on 8/10/2011. He went for surgery on 10th August 2011 and remained in a coma until his passing on 8th October 2011.

With both dates having a big impact on the family, Georgie wanted to create an ongoing event running from 10/8 – 8/10 that people can do as per their own time and in their own communities if wished. She also wanted to give people options of challenges to undertake based on their time and ability using the all important numbers from the dates (8 and 10). Georgie will therefore be completing 810 miles to honour Harry as well as raise funds for the charity. Telephone Europe will be donating 50p per mile she completes, and we are sure she will smash her 810 mile target!

If you would like to read more, or sponsor this vital cause, click here

HHHO Georgie


Georgie Moseley
Lets face it – I'm not the fittest person, so 810 miles is a huge challenge for me to complete within the time frame of 10/8-8/10. It's having the ongoing time and commitment to smash some miles every day, because if you don’t they soon stack up! However, this is nothing compared to what my Harry faced during this time frame, and also what those affected by cancer face every day from point of diagnosis without knowing what the end looks like. I know for me there is an end to the challenge and also its thanks to amazing people like David Murphy who are sponsoring my challenge that motivate me to get up at 3.45am most days to get some miles in before the usual day to day stuff. Thank you David!! All monies will enable us to keep supporting families from our Drop In Cancer Support Centre.
hhho stand by you challenge