Greener Schools Awards


We were delighted to take part in and sponsor Solihull’s Greener Schools Awards on the 20th November 2020. We are proud that we have been able to support Balsall Common Primary School and Olton Primary School in their aim to improve sustainability and helping to increase pupils understanding on the needs to remain green and ‘save the world’.

At Telephone Europe, we are committed to supporting our community where we can, which is why this year we were delighted to participate in the Solihull Greener Schools Awards once again. Solihull’s Greener Schools Awards challenges children and staff to learn about the environment locally and globally, and make their school more eco-friendly. The main objectives faced by the staff and pupils participating in the awards focus on developing a sense of pride in the school for sustainability activities, encourage further sustainability related activities, as well as provide opportunities to celebrate, share best practice and reward fantastic efforts.

As previous business champions, we were happy to sponsor Balsall Common again, as well as the addition of Olton Primary- 2 schools in our local area. With 2020 being a very challenging year for the education sector, we were incredibly impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm presented by their Eco-leaders to take part in the 2020 awards, as well as the resilience from the pupils to complete their global goals. We were further impressed to learn that both school’s completed all 3 award levels, despite the challenges they faced with a national lockdown. This further shows the importance of pupils being outside and learning about the natural world in order to make it a better place.

To celebrate the wonderful efforts and work put into the awards, we were invited to attend the Virtual Sustainable Schools Conference on Friday 20th November. During our talk we discussed the ways in which our company is dedicated to our own sustainability objectives, as well as the activities participated in by the schools to fulfil their responsibilities and global goals.

We are certain that the pupils of Olton Primary and Balsall Common have set a great standard for the future of their school and we couldn’t be prouder to sponsor all the hard work they’ve put in over the year. From building outdoor dens to conducting outdoor learning, building bug homes, creating a force of Junior Support Police Officers and meeting the Solihull Mayor to discuss his role and the environment.

greener school awards

Both schools have proved through their campaigns that they have a great understanding for their sustainability objectives, and we know they will continue to raise awareness through their school’s once the awards are finished.

We can’t wait to see how both schools will utilise our donation to further develop these standards, and we hope that we will have the opportunity to visit them at a suitable time to see their work in person and meet the fantastic staff and pupils.