Although many businesses are having to cut down their employees during these uncertain times, we are pleased to have increased our team by 2! Take a read of how our new employees have found starting their new jobs at Telephone Europe and their experiences searching for jobs during the Coronavirus pandemic.

lucy till

Lucy Till
Media and Communications Executive

Finding a job is always a daunting process, let alone trying to get one straight out of university and in a pandemic! When I first started looking for jobs I noticed that opportunities were limited and many job adverts were put on hold, meaning securing a job was highly competitive.

The main change I noticed was the whole interview process moving to Zoom. This was something I found myself preferring as being at home and over a laptop screen made me feel more at ease, meaning that the whole process was less daunting. I personally believe this will start being the new norm for interviews due to the convenience for both the employer and candidates.

Starting the job was very different to usual, extra precautions have been put in place, few employees are in the office and desks are considerably spaced out. This has unfortunately meant that meeting other members of the team and building relationships will be delayed. Despite this, I am thrilled to have been offered a full time position at Telephone Europe and I’m looking forward to what the future holds!


My job search started with me moving to Birmingham from London, but unfortunately for me, my move coincided with the pandemic which made looking for a new job a worrying task.

I applied for several Network Engineer positions with initially no response from any employers, probably due to health concerns and a lack of demand. After around one month I received a response from a local recruiter who said they had positions in the local area within the education sector.

Following a positive initial interview with the recruiter, I was put in touch with the director of a local business which installed telephone and firewall systems. The process was all conducted over zoom which was very different from previous experiences of face to face interviews. The interview was a success and the company managed to secure an excellent new network engineer.

Although both of us were concerned with the current pandemic climate, all necessary precautions and PPE was provided. It’s great to know that companies are not letting the pandemic bring the country to a standstill and I look forward to working in the field in the new future.


Zak Ghanem
Network Engineer


As well as the job search changing for job seekers, the whole recruitment process for recruiters has also been effected substantially. Take a read at what Jamie from Culture Recruitment had to say about the effect it’s had on his work as a recruiter.

Jamie Wills

Jamie Wills
Culture Recruitment
Managing Director

Wow what a rollercoaster its been! When lockdown was announced within 36 hours 95% of our roles/business was put on hold or pulled – the other incredibly difficult part for us was being asked by clients to retract offers to candidates even though most of them had formally resigned from their current roles, the way different company’s have dealt with this situation has been very varied both good and bad.

There are now an abundance of candidates without jobs and very few company’s looking to hire, that said in the last week alone we have seen definite increased activity and job flow and hope for everyone this is the green shoots of a difficult recovery.