CCTV Temperature check


Make sure your school is kept safe with the installation of our CCTV temperature check systems

The education sector has seen an unprecedented number of changes in relation to the global pandemic that we have all had to adjust to. With this being the new normal, it is vital for school’s to adhere to certain requirements in order to remain open and operate efficiently. With the installation of our CCTV temperature check systems we can help to facilitate this, our system comes with a numerous array of benefits, however more importantly our cameras can help to keep your school as safe and COVID secure as possible with the integration of fever screening and a high performance thermal imaging solution.

It is vital to ensure there’s a plan in place to track student and staff’s health, our CCTV temperature check cameras are a great tool to implement for this reason allowing your school to quickly screen or detect someone with potential symptoms. We are able to install a fever screening solution at the main entrance of your facility, which will track and record the temperature of every individual entering the building within seconds. This is an excellent tool to prevent the spread of coronavirus within your schools to keep them open and functioning by managing the risk and identifying a potential outbreak before it occurs.

Track temperatures 24/7

Our CCTV temperature check cameras are able to screen and detect temperatures all day. They can be positioned at the entrance of the premises to track and record the temperatures of everyone entering the building, allowing unusual temperatures to be identified instantly.

Monitor and record

The CCTV temperature check cameras will monitor, record and retain viewable evidence of everyone entering the building. This technology is also able to distinguish between objects and people, as well as detect differences between a large group, increasing reliability.

Instantly alerted

If a person with an abnormal temperature enters the premises, reception staff will instantly be alerted and the issue can then be dealt with accordingly. This reduces the likelihood of a potential Coronavirus case spreading unknowingly.

Keep everyone safe

Temperature checking CCTV not only protects your school by detecting abnormal temperatures, but it will also work as a normal CCTV system so it is a great way to ensure accountability, reduce bullying, detect vandalism, deter bad behaviour and minimise intruders.

If you’re interested in installing temperature checking CCTV into your school to screen and detect someone with potential COVID-19 symptoms, then get in touch 

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