BT’s Big Switch Off is Happening in 2025 – Are You Switched On?

What is actually happening with the BT switch off?

If you haven’t heard already, BT intends to switch off traditional phone lines for good in 2025. Their plan is to start phasing ISDN and PSTN out over the coming years, with the aim to move to a full migration by 2025, switching it off entirely.

The lucky thing is that you still have plenty of time to do your research, make changes and prepare for the BT switch off. That’s why we urge you not to panic or rush into misinformed decisions which could result in vital equipment being switched off.

Why is the BT switch off happening?bt switch off analogue phone

Unfortunately ISDN and PSTN no longer meets the demand for new technology, seeing it fail to support data connections (the internet), restricting the number of calls made and received at the same time, and only offering a limited amount of benefits, such as voicemail.

Additionally, traditional phone lines are made up of old technology which means your maintenance will be much more frequent and costly if ISDN was to remain. Therefore, this switch off will make way for the newer and better alternative which is also often a cheaper solution to what you currently use.

What does the BT switch off mean for me?

If you are currently still using ISDN then you need to ensure you are prepared for the switch off by looking for an alternative. Fortunately this isn’t happening until 2025, meaning that there’s still time to weigh up your options and make changes.

However, if you are actively searching for a new phone system now, you need to be careful and ensure you are making the right choice so you wont need to pay out twice.

How can we help with your switch?

We can help you switch to a solution ahead of 2025, sparing you from the price increases and last minute rush. Switching your system over within good time doesn’t just mean you are prepared, but it also means you will benefit from a modern phone system.

Most newer phones that currently run on ISDN lines can be switched over to SIP straight away, or you may need to buy a card to allow the switch. Regardless of the changes that will need to be implemented, we will be with you every step of the way in order to ensure you are making the right decisions and reaping the benefits.

The benefits of switching

As technology is constantly evolving, keeping up to date with this and improving efficiency is essential. Moving away from traditional telephone lines to our newer technology also brings a number of benefits and widens your capabilities.

  • Save money
  • Call between sites absolutely free
  • Keep your numbers
  • Record your calls
  • Display call statistics on a screen
  • Route calls to the right users
  • Marketing messaging on-hold

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