British Telecom (BT) Increases Prices for Analogue and Digital

2025 Marks the end of PSTN (Analogue) and ISDN (Digital) Services

To all of our existing customers and potential new ones, we would like to inform you of an announcement by BT (British Telecom) which marks the beginning of an end to Analogue and Digital services. All of these services should be ceased by 2025.

We have since unfortunately learned that as of 1st August 2018 our wholesale buy prices for PSTN services (Analogue Lines) will increase by £0.47p and ISDN services (Digital Lines) will increase by £0.89p. Call rates to Local/National destinations are to be raised by £0.003 ppm* (3 10ths of a penny) and UK Mobile Calls raised by £0.0074 ppm*. These prices will directly effect our customers and the increase will be in place ready for your August telephone bill.

Although you may believe these increases are minimal, we at Telephone Europe are of the opinion that these small increases will continue to creep upwards year on year up until 2025 due to the high influx of users moving their service to VoIP and the expensive nature of maintaining the old copper cable circuits. It is now more than ever becoming more beneficial to switch over to our VoIP and Cloud Telephony services, click here for more information.

Due to the increases in these circuit costs we are strongly advising that all of our existing customers to look into switching their services sooner rather than later. VoIP will provide the ultimate flexibility in line packages as well as a 15% – 25% saving on their current costs. If you already have one of the telephone systems listed below in place, then your eqipment is already capable of supporting VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony. There may be costs to upgrade from your current Analogue or Digital services, however, we are finding that with the majority of recent upgrades the first-year of savings covers most if not all of the charges for the upgrade.

Each one of our dedicated Account Managers has been tasked with speaking to all customers in regards to their options of upgrading to VoIP telephony in order to reduce current costs and future proof their telephony. If you wish to bring this call forward then please contact us on our Free Phone telephone number 0800 652 1900 to discuss the available options for you.

*ppm – Pence Per Minute