About Us

We aim to provide an outstanding level of service to all our clients by understanding their requirements and providing ongoing, proactive support.

A rapidly expanding telecommunications solutions company

In August 2005, Telephone Europe Ltd became an incorporated business in England and Wales. From the start, we have strived to succeed within the telecommunications sector with the ethos of putting our client first. This has proved a successful strategy and has facilitated our client base expanding to over 3,000 strong and still climbing every day!

We are a rapidly expanding telecommunications solutions company, providing telecommunication solutions to schools and businesses across the United Kingdom.

We pride ourselves on a dynamic team of professionals – from our sales, management, customer service and technical engineering staff, our ever expanding team have excellent in-depth knowledge of telecommunications, ensuring that we provide our clients with excellent customer service, product support, and on-going maintenance support, helping us lead the way within the telecommunications market.

Telephone Europe Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

We aim to provide the highest possible level of service to all of our clients and prospective clients by understanding their requirements, fulfilling them with professional knowledgeable advice and then providing ongoing – proactive support.

We believe in our products and services, therefore we can make an active contribution to businesses and schools across the UK.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest levels of training and proactive support to ensure that the benefits of any installed communication solution is maximised and is performing correctly to improve productivity.

Success and Expansion

Telephone Europe has made a good move and strengthened its relationships with its suppliers, this move has ensured that it can offer its customers the highest quality products, extensive versatile billing systems, the best leasing deals within the telecommunications market and most importantly the highest level of customer service support possible.

Looking to the future, Telephone Europe are extremely excited about the prospect of expanding their offices to cover major cities and looking to grow into other telecommunication markets offering more services to its ever-expanding very happy customer base. The importance of success is knowing where you’re heading in the future and Telephone Europe will make a leap to onward success, knowing the importance of excellent customer service, excellent products, and excellent customer support.

Success of Telephone Europe

High Standards Every Time

We deliver Telecommunication Solutions at the Highest Standards!


  • Telephone Europe – Experts in Education
  • Telephone Europe are renowned experts in working with the education sector to provide telephone systems and telephone peripherals.
  • Telephone Europe currently serves hundreds of satisfied schools and businesses nationwide, a number that is rising every day.
  • Telephone Europe are more than happy to provide the same service currently experienced by schools to other areas, extensively provide our services to social services, leisure, and housing.
  • We insist that you ask any of Telephone Europe’s clients what they think about our service and products.
  • Telephone Europe – A people business
  • Although Telephone Europe supplies technically advanced products and telecommunication systems, it is primarily a people business. From its senior management to administration support the commitment to quality service is always paramount and is the first line of call.
  • Extensively when dealing with the education sector we recognise that maintaining our excellent reputation is only possible by providing clients with a fast, cost-effective, reliable service from all areas of our diverse team.

Telephone Europe Management Team

The Telephone Europe management team is renowned for their expertise within the field of telecommunications and business management. They have first-hand knowledge in this sector and beyond and have performed exceedingly well to provide an excellent service to many clients over the years.

Telephone Europe Management Team

Their experience and diverse knowledge has been used to its best ability and has allowed them to create new ideas and expand on current business telecommunication solutions. The management team pride themselves on being professional, friendly and assertive, knowing they have the ability to push the company forward and expand the company’s operations outside of the United Kingdom.

The management team fully understand the needs of schools, colleges, and businesses and have adapted their business strategies to evolve their telecommunications solutions around client needs. Nevertheless, the management team is always friendly, welcoming and always work with a smile on their face – they operate on a proactive `can-do’ attitude which has allowed them to be one of the friendliest telecommunications companies to do business with.

Over 15 years of service to schools and businesses