Full Fibre Connectivity

Full Fibre connectivity provides a dedicated internet connection that offers your school or business a reliable, high speed, future-proof connectivity. Improve your connectivity with leased lines today.

Full Fibre Connectivity

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    A reliable and consistent internet connection – with full fibre connectivity

    Better, Faster, Guaranteed

    Would you like a faster, guaranteed internet connection? If a reliable connection is fundamental to your school or business, we can provide you with a guaranteed, uncompromised service with our Full Fibre connectivity.

    We can install a leased line into your building, delivering you with an uncontended service, which comes with the following benefits:

    • Dedicated bandwidth, delivering consistent and reliable speeds
    • Resilience through backup options
    • 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and support
    • 6 business hours return to service guarantee
    • Fully scalable with the flexibility to adapt to your needs
    • Unlimited usage

    What is full fibre connectivity?

    It’s a dedicated full fibre connection that runs from your business to the core network. With a leased line, you’ll benefit from guaranteed internet speeds and don’t have to share your bandwidth with other users.

    But I already have fibre…

    If you are using fibre broadband today, you’d be forgiven for believing that your connectivity is as good as it can be. However, fibre broadband can just mean that the last part of your connection (from the street cabinet to the premises) uses fibre and the rest is, in fact, copper. Full fibre connectivity however, means that the whole connection is built on a fibre network, making it much faster and less prone to downtime.

    Full fibre connectivity
    Full fibre connectivity
    Full fibre connectivity

    Great Speeds, Great Price

    In business, consistency is key. We can guarantee your business internet speeds at a very competitive price.

    Leased lines are a dedicated internet connection that can be installed to your premises, delivering consistent and reliable download and upload speeds, without your bandwidth being affected by your business’ neighbours usage.

    You will therefore recieve fast internet that’s unaffected by others usages and busy peak times. You can also select the speeds and bandwidth you need, to support your unique business requirements.

    So, if your business regularly downloads huge files, relies on cloud storage, or you have remote workers connected to your internal servers, you don’t need to worry about poor connectivity slowing things down.

    Our pricing is extremely competitive and our support is exceptional. By working closely with networks who have invested in architecture in your area, we can offer a more competitive price than other service providers.

    Support Your Systems

    Cloud based solutions help businesses to save time and money and offer enhanced security benefits, so it stands to reason that many of the tools, applications and data storage options used today are accessed online.

    As your business moves to cloud-based technology, it’s vital that your connectivity can handle the increased demand for bandwidth.

    A dedicated internet connection provides reliable access for your cloud-based systems. Our prices are affordable and our solution can be tailored to meet your specific business needs.

    More affordable than you might think

    We’ve carefully selected a network provider who has invested heavily in developing infrastructure in your local area, allowing us to offer exceptional pricing and guaranteed access to a connection that suits your needs.

    Full fibre connectivity
    Full fibre connectivity

    Standard Fibre Broadband vs Full Fibre Connectivity

    Full Fibre Connectivity
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