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Helping schools and businesses with faster internet connections and broadband solutions.

Telephone Europe is committed to providing a broadband service for every type of business from small start-ups utilising an ADSL Connection to large companies requiring a dedicated fibre leased line with 24/7 UK managed support.

We understand our customer’s needs and we know that you are looking for simplicity, fantastic value, super high speeds and most importantly, a reliable telephone system! No matter what connection you choose, our solutions are tailored to include things like truly unlimited data usage, small contention ratios and a UK based customer support team.

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UK Based Support

Telephone Europe is at hand when you need us most.

We have a friendly and efficient UK based customer support team in place to help you through troubleshooting and general enquiries.

Truly Unlimited Usage

Do as much surfing as you like and download as much data as you want with our truly unlimited broadband connections. There is no fair usage policy – just simply an unlimited download connection 24 hours a day.

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Static IP Address

Static IP Address

All of our business broadband products benefit from a free of charge static IP address included as standard. You can even request more if required.

Plug & Play

All of our business broadband services are provided with a pre-configured and ready-to-go straight out of the box router.

Pre-configured equipment
ADSL Broadband


ADSL broadband is the most basic of broadband connections and is suitable for small businesses that do not require large data downloads. This connection is perfect for small offices up to 5 users for the use of general web browsing, day to day business emails and administrative tasks.


Using the latest in fibre technology achieving super-fast download/upload speeds and with the ability for the more demanding cloud-based applications, this broadband connection is perfect for avid broadband users, small media and digital tech companies as well as medium to large offices for day-to-day business operations. FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) broadband is more widely known as BT Infinity.

Fibre Leased Line Broadband

Fibre Leased Line

Leased lines and fibre leased lines are the ultimate business broadband service. With symmetrical speeds from 2Mbps up to 10Gbps it meets the standards for large businesses who demand high speeds and high bandwidth connectivity. It has the ability to support a whole corporation infrastructure including data, internet access and voice solutions. It is easily scalable with any business size and utilises the most reliable and high-quality network equipment.

EFM (Ethernet First Mile)

Ethernet First Mile also known as EFM Broadband is the perfect solution for larger businesses or a business that requires an advanced service level agreement due to relying on external data connections or SIP telephony. If the internet is crucial to your business operations then this is worth considering.