Take a read of our case studies to find out how Telephone Europe have innovatively helped schools and businesses to improve their connectivity.

Telephone europe
Courtney Primary School Case Study

Courtney Primary School

How Telephone Europe improved Courtney Primary School’s flexibility and moved them away from analogue lines.

walgrave primary school

Walgrave Primary School

How Telephone Europe took Walgrave Primary School out of the dark ages with a brand new VoIP Telephone & Lockdown system.

The John Moore Primary SchoolCase Studies

The John Moore Primary School

How The John Moore Primary School upgraded their outdated system and moved to a Hosted VoIP telephone system.

Pitsford primary school

Pitsford Primary School

How Pitsford Primary School improved their efficiencies and widened their capabilities with Telephone Europe.

Sale high school testimonial

Sale High School

How Sale High School improved their connectivity and school safety with a SIP telephone system and lockdown intruder system.

Ramsden Primary School

Ramsden Primary School

How Telephone Europe worked with Ramsden Primary School to improve their safety, communications and efficiency.

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