We pride ourselves on being a dynamic team of professionals with excellent in-depth knowledge of telecommunications, ensuring that we provide our clients with a first class service and helping us lead the way within the telecommunications market. Why not start your career today and join the Telephone Europe family?

[pofo_content_block pofo_block_premade_style=”block-1″ pofo_block_preview_image=”block-1″ pofo_show_separator=”0″ pofo_button_one_page=”1″ content_desktop_width=”width-auto” content_desktop_mini_width=”md-width-auto” content_ipad_width=”sm-width-auto” content_mobile_width=”xs-width-auto” pofo_block_title=”MARKETING ASSISTANT” pofo_button_config=”|title:MARKETING%20ASSISTANT%20-%20READ%20MORE||”]As a Marketing Assistant, you will assist in creating high quality content for the company, working with the whole marketing team. You will need to be a strong independent and team player, collaborating with many of the other departments in the company.

At Telephone Europe we pride ourselves on committing to promote equality and diversion in and out the workplace, treating everyone equally and with respect. We value every individual and are willing and prepared to fulfil their needs and stand by them whole heartedly to combat discrimination. Our whole recruitment process is therefore aligned with our equality and diversity policy. [/pofo_content_block]

Want to enquire about a potential role?

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